The Witching Hour

Opportunity for Volunteer Performers: Wednesday 15 – Sunday 19 May

The Witching Hour is a new outdoor night-time spectacle taking place in Birkenhead Park: Friday 17 - Sunday 19 May, 9.45pm.


The Witching Hour is a brand new large-scale outdoor spectacle, which is being specially created by Periplum (the artist company behind Land of Green Ginger Act I: 7 Alleys for Hull 2017) and produced by Absolutely Cultured.

The Witching Hour has been commissioned by Absolutely Cultured and Wirral Borough of Culture and will be presented in Birkenhead Park’s Upper Park in Wirral and East Park in Hull in May 2019. Designed to connect people and inspire imagination, the performance will draw on the unique characteristics of Hull and Wirral, weaving a story between the two and working with local communities and artists to inspire the creative direction.

The Witching Hour explores stories of local wise women, magical mythical characters and childhood memories from the two parks, immersing the audience in tales of alchemy and legend, brought to life with spellbinding theatre, magic and wonder. It will be free to the public, performed in Birkenhead Park and will feature live performance, a specially commissioned soundtrack, theatrical lighting, fire, pyrotechnics and promenading action taking place in and around the audience.

This is a secret project and we would ask you to be part of keeping this secret to help bring a magical surprise to the Birkenhead community. If you’re interested in taking part in this exciting performance read on!

Taking Part

This is an opportunity for up to 15 local participants to perform as part of this major outdoor spectacle. You will work with Periplum’s team of expert practitioners, who will give you onsite training and workshops in outdoor performance. During the show you will accompany performers with visual props, fire torches and other pyrotechnic effects. Participants will be given fire and pyrotechnic safety training by an expert.

Information you should know

No previous acting or performance experience is necessary, just an enthusiasm for taking part in outdoor work and an interest in chorus performance. You will need to bring black trousers and top (t-shirt/jumper/hoodie), wet weather gear, and solid walking shoes (black) – you will be moving through dark and possibly soggy terrain. As carrying fire and pyrotechnic effects is part of the role, all participants must be over 18 years old.

Dates & Times

If you want to take part, you will be required at Birkenhead Park for all of the following times:

    • 6pm – 10pm on Wednesday 15 May 2019
    • 6pm – 11pm on Thursday 16 May 2019
    • 7pm – 11:30pm on Friday 17 May 2019
    • 7pm – 11:30pm on Saturday 18 May 2019
    • 7pm – 11:30pm on Sunday 19 May 2019

Sign Up

If you would like to take part, please contact Alison Bailey Smith from the Borough of Culture team

For more information on Absolutely Cultured, contact Sarah Penney on or 07415 652449

The Witching Hour by Periplum

Produced by Absolutely Cultured

Photo: Tom Arran