Yan Wang Preston - Forest

Until Sunday 22 September

Wednesday - Friday, 1-5pm; Saturday & Sunday, 10am-5pm | FREE

Birkenhead Priory

Forest looks at the modern practice of moving ancient trees into new places, or planting trees in climates that do not welcome them. In recent years, developers in China have been transplanting old trees into new leisure developments, in an attempt to create a feeling of ready-made authenticity. The trees often die in the process of being moved, or adapt poorly to their new climate.

Amid China’s rapid development and mass construction of megacities, the series captures the contemporary process of attempting to transplant the natural world into urban environments — of trying to cover up the newness of new developments.

Forest is a collaboration with the Open Eye Gallery and part of Look Photo Biennial and is part of our Art Outdoors season - bringing art into unexpected places across the borough this summer.

Image: Frank, Dali, China, June 2013, © Yan Wang Preston